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If you are not interested in a full fledged Public Relations campaign, Brash 2.0 Communications can offer you a pay-for-performance public relations account. Pay By Performance account holders only pay for the publicity that we garner. This results driven approach to our PR services leaves all our clients satisfied with the results. PayPerPlacement reliably delivers exceptional return on investment and accountability in a manner simply unmatched by traditional agencies.


Our team of publicist are expert at identifying the drivers that spark conversation and create news worthy media coverage.

How to get set up: If you are interested in finding out about setting up an account please contact our agency to discuss your options.

  1. You and PayPerPlacement jointly identify your media targets, spokesperson(s), and the message.

  2. PayPerPlacement secures the media opportunity and offers it to you at the price set by our rate sheet.

  3. If you accept the opportunity we debit your credit card or bill you in advance.

  4. When the placement is published we send you the electronic clip.

  5. If the media opportunity does not become a placement we credit your account the fee.


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